Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pre-Thanksgiving pie

Aunt Brianna made a yummy pie on the sunday before Thanksgiving. Brayden has the pie mastered and if his day-to-day eating habits are any indicator, I think he'll be just fine with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and any other part of Thanksgiving that may end up on his plate!

Which Binky?

When Brayden was first born we had the hardest time getting him to take a binky. To be honest, children who walk around with binkies in their mouths or tied on to their shirts 24/7 is one of my pet peaves. But I also think that babies crying uncontrollably in church or in the car is unnecessary so I am an advocate of there being a time and a place for binkies; therefore, it was important to me that Brayden would take a binky at least occasionally. Thanks to ToysRUs there is a large selection of binkies to choose from. We went through 3 different kids before we found one the little B likes. The other binkies are in his toy box and he does occasionally like to try them out. He always ends up back with his favorite. One of the games that he thinks is very funny right now is "take my binky back from Daddy/Mommy". David and I teamed up with all 3 binkies for a great laugh! You'll have to refer to the binky picture!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Well, as most of you know, we had a kind of eventful weekend with Brayden. (Eventful not being a fun word!) On Friday night he woke up with a cough and by morning had a kind of scratchy voice and was pretty fussy. We took him to the Doctor and found out that he had croup. Steamy showers and cold winter air helped for about 24 hours but by sunday afternoon he was having a really hard time breathing. We went back to the doctor and got admitted to the hospital. We spent the night there, and with breathing treatments and some medicine Brayden was feeling much better by this morning. We're so thankful to live in a time and a place where we can take care of our little one. Thanks for all your prayers! We know they help and are so glad you're in our family!


The football season is winding up so even though the game was at night, we just couldn't miss it! I don't know what was different about this game; maybe it's that we finally know the Cougar song, or maybe it was the crowd, but something made this game so, so much fun to be at! And...we got cougar beanies too! The final score was Cougars 27, Fighting Frogs 22! GO COUGS!!!

Grandpa and Uncle Paul visit!

Grandpa had a business trip to Pleasant Grove so we got to see him and Uncle Paul for a day. Grandpa cuddled on the couch first thing in the morning and then fed Brayden his breakfast. Uncle Paul showed little B a few new moves on the nintendo and played in the yard. Even though it was quick trip it was so, so nice to see them!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sharing is fun!

Daddy and Brayden share just about everything! From hot chocolate to binkies!

I can use the spoon!

Brayden has a very "Mr. Indepence" personality. Last night when I went to put the spoon in his mouth, he grabbed hold of it and wouldn't let go. We decided to see what would happen. He reached for the jar of baby food so I held it out for him. He stuck the spoon in and even got some food on it but the spoon got stuck on the edge of the jar on the way out. He kept trying to pull it out and SPLAT...it flicked him in the face. We just laughed! As you can tell by the look on his face, he was quite pleased with himself!

Funny Faces!

So, as you can all imaging, Brayden is one of our greatest joys! And with these silly and adorable faces...who can blame us!

Rise and Shout...

...The cougars are out! Gooooooo COUGARS!
One of the many things we have loved about BYU is the football games. We have great seats right by where the team comes out in the 3rd row. We all wear our blue cougar shirts and are learning the victory song....that way we can be true-blue cougar fans! Brayden fell asleep for the 3rd quarter, but was awake to watch the end of the game in his favorite spot...on Daddy's shoulders!

Goodness! I'm feeling very overwhelmed at all of these people that we love so very much. The picture of us with the other couple is David's mission president and his wife. And then of course there's Aunt Barb and Uncle Kent. We love having them so close.

MORE of the people we love!

You know that you have a lot of love in your life when it takes more than one posting to include all the people!