Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Which Binky?

When Brayden was first born we had the hardest time getting him to take a binky. To be honest, children who walk around with binkies in their mouths or tied on to their shirts 24/7 is one of my pet peaves. But I also think that babies crying uncontrollably in church or in the car is unnecessary so I am an advocate of there being a time and a place for binkies; therefore, it was important to me that Brayden would take a binky at least occasionally. Thanks to ToysRUs there is a large selection of binkies to choose from. We went through 3 different kids before we found one the little B likes. The other binkies are in his toy box and he does occasionally like to try them out. He always ends up back with his favorite. One of the games that he thinks is very funny right now is "take my binky back from Daddy/Mommy". David and I teamed up with all 3 binkies for a great laugh! You'll have to refer to the binky picture!!!

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